1. Designate one glass for your drinking water each day, or refill a water bottle. This will cut down…

  2. Don’t overfill the pool. Lower water levels will reduce water loss due to splashing.

  3. If you accidentally drop ice cubes, don’t throw them in the sink. Drop them in a house plant…

  4. One drip every second adds up to five gallons per day! Check your faucets and showerheads for leaks.

  5. When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run. Fill one basin with wash water and the…

  6. When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load.

  7. Wash your pets outdoors, in an area of your lawn that needs water.

  8. When washing your hands, turn the water off while you lather.

  9. Reward kids for the water-saving tips they follow.

  10. When the kids want to cool off, use the sprinkler in an area where your lawn needs it…

  11. Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap.

  12. Time your shower to keep it under 5 minutes. You’ll save up to 1,000 gallons per month.

  13. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean patios, sidewalks and driveways, and save water every time.

  14. Washing dark clothes in cold water saves water and energy, and helps your clothes retain their color.

  15. Drop tissues in the trash instead of flushing them and save water every time.

  16. Play fun games while learning how to save water!