1. Tip147

    Implement a water management plan for your facility, then educate employees on good water habits through newsletters and posters.

  2. Tip149

    Invite your water utility conservation staff to your organization for Earth Day and other environmental events to help…

  3. Tip129

    For more immediate hot water and energy savings, insulate hot water pipes.

  4. Tip137

    If you have an evaporative cooler, direct the water drain to plants in your landscape.

  5. Tip66

    Plant species native to your region.

  6. Tip165

    Write feature articles on your employee website that highlight water-saving ideas and successes.

  7. Tip14

    Select the proper pan size for cooking. Large pans may require more cooking water than necessary.

  8. Tip65

    Reduce the amount of lawn in your yard by planting shrubs and ground covers appropriate to your site and…

  9. Tip131

    Use a hose nozzle or turn off the water while you wash your car. You’ll save up to…

  10. Tip29

    Upgrade older toilets with water-saving WaterSense® labeled models.

  11. Tip134

    When you give your pet fresh water, don’t throw the old water down the drain. Use it to…

  12. Tip91

    While fertilizers promote plant growth, they also increase water consumption. Apply the minimum amount of fertilizer needed.

  13. Tip125

    Instead of building a private pool, join a community pool.

  14. Tip167

    Hire a WaterSense® irrigation partner to help with your landscape.

  15. Tip110

    Use drip irrigation for shrubs and trees to apply water directly to the roots, where it’s needed.

  16. Tip64

    Choose the right Arizona-friendly plants and watch them thrive in our desert environment.