1. Aerate your lawn periodically. Holes every six inches will allow water to reach the roots, rather than run…

  2. When buying a washer, check the Consortium for Energy Efficiency website to compare water use between models.

  3. Become a proud WaterSense® partner and let all your customers know.

  4. Have maintenance personnel regularly check your facilities for leaks, drips and other water waste.

  5. See how your water use stacks up to others by calculating your daily water use.

  6. Use a rain barrel to harvest rainwater from gutters for watering gardens and landscapes.

  7. If walking across the lawn leaves footprints (blades don’t spring back up), then it is time to water.

  8. If your facility relies on cooling towers, have maintenance maximize cycles of concentration by providing efficient water treatment.

  9. Washing dark clothes in cold water saves water and energy, and helps your clothes retain their color.

  10. Consider buying a dual-flush toilet. It has two flush options: a half-flush for liquid waste and a full-flush…

  11. When you give your pet fresh water, don’t throw the old water down the drain. Use it to…

  12. There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.

  13. Timing is everything when it comes to irrigation. Learn how to set your controller properly.

  14. Become or appoint a water ambassador within your organization who creates, implements and maintains your water conservation program.

  15. Hire a qualified pro to install your irrigation system and keep it working properly and efficiently.

  16. Encourage your school system and local government to develop and promote water conservation among children and adults.