Weeds compete with landscape plants for water and nutrients. The best time to control weeds is before they gain a foothold in your landscape. Pulling weeds is your best strategy. However, there are weed control chemicals that can be applied to prevent weed seeds from germinating, or that can be applied to kill weeds after they’re up and growing.

If weeds are already well established in the landscape, it might be best to remove them with a weeding tool or by hand. When they’re close to maturity, chemical treatment is not as effective. When pulling established weeds, wait until after watering or rain for easier removal and a better chance to get the whole plant – roots and all.

While many weed seeds can be carried into your yard by the wind, birds, or other animals, make sure you don’t seed your own crop. It’s important to remove weeds in the landscape before they flower to prevent seeds from forming and reseeding. Weeds will also germinate when soils are disturbed. After your initial landscape installation, there will likely be weed problems for the first couple of years. After that, keep soil disturbance to a minimum, if possible.

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