Landscape Wisely

Drab to Fab

Does your yard need a makeover? Do you ever wish you could have a team of experts transform your tired or water-thirsty yard from dull-and-drab to fabulous? You can—and we’re here to help! Our Drab to Fab video series documents the steps you’ll need to take, from creating a plan to planting and caring for your new landscape. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or if you prefer to make-others-do-it-for-you by hiring a pro, we’ll show you how. Start by reviewing our four easy steps for planning your landscape, then watch our 10-part video series to see our landscape makeover transformation.

Drab to Fab Backyard Rehab Video Series

Installing a new landscape, or renovating an existing landscape, can definitely be challenging and a bit daunting. At Water – Use It Wisely, we also understand that landscaping can get costly, especially when a lot of hardscape (patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, etc.) is added. It’s important to be a well-informed consumer when going into such a significant project. Not only do you want to get a good value for your investment, but you also want the landscape to provide the functions and enjoyment you’re looking for.

In 2016, we held a Drab to Fab Backyard Rehab contest to give away a landscape makeover. We were so pleased when we found our winner, Lisa O. from Avondale, and learned that she was open to filming the process. We took advantage and produced the 10-part video series below. While each video will help you envision each step of the process, don’t forget to click on the links located below the video window. That’s where you’ll find an informative blog that goes along with the video to provide you with more details, resources, and contacts to help along the way. We can’t talk about the contest without thanking Lisa for being such a great winner and video star. You’ll meet her below in the videos, but you can also visit our page about the 2016 contest.

Follow These Guidelines for Planning Your Landscape


A Great Yard Starts with a Great Plan

Learn how to Landscape with Style in the Arizona Desert, by reviewing our step-by-step guide for planning your landscape with sample designs and drawings. As you gather ideas for your design, visit one of many Valley Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens for inspiration.


Choose Plants That Thrive

We live in a very special place where people enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round. The plants that thrive in this unique climate are the key that unlocks the door to outdoor living. Don’t know much about desert plants and flowers? There are lots of great resources. Check out our page on Choosing and Planting Low Water-Use Plants. You may also want to peruse our Plant of the Month Series or use our helpful Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert plant selection site. If you’d prefer to see desert plants in person, take a trip to one of the many Xeriscape demonstration gardens in the Phoenix area.  And when you are ready to buy your plants, visit to find a nursery near you.


Proper Irrigation to Keep Your Landscape From Soaking

Setting up or reconfiguring your irrigation properly will ensure that you’re watering properly while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. An irrigation supply specialist such as Ewing Irrigation can help you find the ideal solutions for your unique irrigation needs. Landscape Watering by the Numbers: A Guide for the Arizona Desert is a great resource full of locally relevant information.


Installation: DIY or Not — And How to Select a Landscape Pro

Decide whether you are going to tackle this on your own or hire a landscape pro. Love a do-it-yourself challenge? Check out resources on Water – Use It Wisely including our guide, Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style for the AZ Desert.

Rather leave it to a pro so you can sit back, relax and let a team of experts transform your tired yard from dull-and-drab to fabulous? Many landscape professionals will even provide you with life-like renderings to help you envision your ideal, water-wise outdoor escape. Learn more about hiring an ALCA-certified professional.

Overconsumption is a Serious Problem for Many Yards.

Overconsumption is a serious problem for many yards. Help your landscape curb its water habit and regain its vibrant, healthy life with this ten-step guide to backyard rehab. Also, visit our 100+ Ways to Conserve for more ideas and tips to help your yard drink responsibly.