October 16, 2016

We love do it yourself (DIY) as much as you, but when it comes to designing an earth-friendly, water-saving Xeriscape landscape, it’s okay to lean on a professional.

Sure, hiring a pro might sound like a sit-back-and-relax kind of process, but a pro can offer you much more than peace of mind.

Landscape professionals, like the ALCA-Certified ones we provided to the Drab to Fab Backyard Rehab fall con test winner, can help enhance your idea of a dream landscape and bring it to a level you may never have envisioned.

Wildflowers provide colorful spring bloom like these purple owl's clover, orange poppies and red penstemon

Designers consider the life of your project to ensure that you have the color and bloom you want all year round.

They can help you incorporate water conservation through rainwater harvesting or the use of porous hardscape materials, such as crushed stone or gravel, to ensure that you use all the water on your landscape wisely. Some professionals even provide blueprints or life-like renderings to help you envision what your water-wise outdoor escape will look like when completed.

In this week’s video, our winner Lisa O. sees the designs for her Xeriscape landscape for the very first time. Installer Robert Clinkenbeard, vice president of sustainability, with Integrated Landscape Management, and landscape architect Janet Waibel with Waibel & Associates Landscape Architects unveil pictures of the artistic and technical designs for the “fab” landscape-to-be.

Check out the video to learn how to transform a dirt lot into an extended living space that accommodates backyard gatherings surrounded by colorful, low-water-use plants that are easy to maintain and provide year-round beauty.

If you’re not convinced that going pro is for you, explore these resources to help you DIY with style:

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Stay tuned for our next video, Part 6 of 10, as we get ready to prepare the landscape for installation, lay the groundwork for efficient irrigation, and select plants and hardscape materials.