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Celebrate AZ Water – New Arizona Prize: Mesa (And You) Win the Water Public Art Challenge

December 26, 2018

A piece of sculpture at a public intersection was once considered public art. Things have changed. Public art has become more of an event, such as a community mural designed and painted through a partnership between an artist and neighbors. The City of Mesa has taken this idea to sophisticated levels. It is a city that knows how to pair artists …

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Home Check-Ups for Winter Water Savings!

December 21, 2018

Winter is one of the easiest times to save water and money. Here are our top tips to save water indoors and out during cooler months: Perform Outdoor Checks Your irrigation system provides a lifeline to the plants in your landscape; remember to include it in your regular maintenance routine. To water your landscape efficiently, your irrigation system must be …

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Mulch Much? Take Your Plants from Stressed to Best-Dressed

December 11, 2018

Are your plants feeling underdressed? Maybe you take the best care of your garden; digging deeply, using good soil, adding nutrients, and providing ample water. But have you left your plants topless? For several reasons, a good top dressing of mulch is the final layer your plants need to truly thrive. In nature, it is common to see fallen leaves …

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Journey Through the Pipes – What Happens to Wastewater?

December 4, 2018

When we think of wastewater, we usually think of sewage. However, it is also comprised of any used domestic water produced from showers, disposals, washers, and sinks. Furthermore, wastewater can include any used water and water-carried solids from a community that flows to a treatment plant, such as stormwater, surface water, and industrial water. Fact: 99 percent of wastewater is …

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