Welcome to our games page! Learn about water and water conservation and have fun at the same time. Water – Use It Wisely has collected interactive games and quizzes to teach kids about water conservation.


Games: Tip Tank


games: water wisdom


 Games: Discover Water

Discover Water: The Role of Water in Our Lives
A super fun way to learn about the water cycle, saving water and more.

Games: Water and Me

Water and Me!
Learn about water with a word search, word scramble, and more from Texas A&M University.

Games: Thirsty For Knowledge

Thirsty for Knowledge?
Learn about water and easy ways to save.

Games: Kids Page_Test Your Water Sense

Test Your WaterSense
Race through the pipes and meet the water wasters in this fun game.

Games: The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle
Water Word Scramble
FUN FACTS! How Much Water Do We Use?
Thirstin will teach you about the water cycle, fun facts and a water word scramble.

Kids page_How Water Works

How Water Works – From Source to Tap and Back.
A fun and interactive guide showing the processes and equipment used in a water system.

Games: Save Splash the Raindrop

Save Splash the Raindrop.
Take the challenge of catching raindrops.