the biggest drain in your home

Ways to Save Outdoors

Because we use water in so many ways, there are many ways we can save it. Visit these links and get tons of tips, guides, lists and other resources for saving water outdoors.

Outdoor Water-saving Tips
There are a number of ways to save water, and over 60 ways to save it outdoors.
Interactive Landscape Watering Guide
Don’t let your yard soak you. Here’s a guide to watering deeply and less frequently.
Xeriscape Plant List
Reduce your outdoor water use with plants that drink responsibly.
Xeriscape Gardens
Experience the beauty and benefits of xeriscaping at a local demonstration garden.
Landscape Care
Learn how to conserve thousands of gallons of water around your home by reducing the water you use on your landscape.
Rainwater Harvesting Resources
Learn easy ways to save rainwater for reuse on your landscape and plants.
Local Events & Classes
Learn about landscape classes and workshops sponsored by Water – Use It Wisely Arizona Partners.
Links & Resources
Saving water is easy with the right resources. Our water partners provide you with plenty.