Landscape Wisely

Practical Turf Areas

Xeriscape principles encourage you to evaluate whether you actually need grass. It takes a lot of water and other resources to maintain grass lawns and keep them green, especially in the Arizona desert. Don’t forget, you will even need to seed a winter lawn if you desire green grass year-round.

But grass can have a place in xeriscapes for recreational space, or for pets. That’s why we recommend to only install limited areas that serve a specific purpose. Lawns created primarily for appearance could be replaced by attractive drought tolerant alternatives, which will also reduce erosion, prevent the sun’s glare, and cool your landscape. Besides locating grass only in areas where it provides functional benefits, here are our favorite tips:

  • Keep grass away from sidewalks, walls, and fences for easier maintenance.
  • Avoid planting turf in oddly shaped or narrow areas that can’t be watered efficiently.
  • Avoid planting on slopes where it is difficult to mow and where water and fertilizer run off.
  • Never water turf daily – once every 3 days is enough even in summer. See our lawn watering guide.

If you are considering artificial turf, removing grass, or need help with maintaining your lawn, visit our Grass and Artificial Turf page.