1. Use water-conserving icemakers.

  2. Establish a monthly water budget for your landscape based on the water needs of your plants.

  3. Include a water-saving tip in your employee newsletter. Find 100+ tips at wateruseitwisely.com.

  4. Invite your water utility conservation staff to your organization for Earth Day and other environmental events to help…

  5. Create a goal of how much water your company can save and plan a celebration once that goal…

  6. Wash company vehicles as needed rather than on a schedule. Stretch out the time in between washes.

  7. Become or appoint a water ambassador within your organization who creates, implements and maintains your water conservation program.

  8. Ask employees for suggestions on saving water and give prizes for the best ideas. Incentivize it!

  9. Look for WaterSense® labeled toilets, sink faucets, urinals and showerheads.

  10. Wash company vehicles at commercial car washers that recycle water.

  11. Scrape dishes rather than rinsing them before washing.

  12. A recent study showed that 99% of business managers surveyed ranked water conservation as a “top five” priority…

  13. Make sure your contract plumber and/or maintenance personnel knows about GreenPlumbers®.

  14. Marry the weather with your landscape water use. Water use should decrease during rainy periods and increase during…

  15. Determine how your on-site water is being used by installing sub-meters where feasible, then monitoring for savings.

  16. Consider turning your high-maintenance water feature/fountain into a low-maintenance art feature or planter.