100+ Water-Saving Tips

Saving water is easy. Really easy. Here are more than 100 useful water-saving tips for your home and office. Learn how to save water indoors and outdoors. Incorporate these tips into your everyday habits. Before long, you’ll be a natural at water conservation.

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    Marry the weather with your landscape water use. Water use should decrease during rainy periods and increase during…

  2. #170

    Visit your local Water Conservation office’s website to get information on programs available to businesses.

  3. #171

    Make sure your contract plumber and/or maintenance personnel knows about GreenPlumbers®.

  4. #172

    Ask your company to support water conservation events and education. ProjectWet hosts local events throughout the country.

  5. #173

    Support Tap Into Quality and forgo those plastic water bottles to lower your carbon footprint.

  6. #174

    Scrape dishes rather than rinsing them before washing.

  7. #175

    Use water-conserving icemakers.

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    A recent study showed that 99% of business managers surveyed ranked water conservation as a “top five” priority…

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    If your facility relies on cooling towers, have maintenance maximize cycles of concentration by providing efficient water treatment.

  10. #178

    Be sure your irrigation system is watering only the areas intended, with no water running onto walks, streets…

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    While cleaning sidewalks, a hose and nozzle use 8-12 gallons of water per minute. A pressurized Waterbroom® uses…

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    Inspect your landscape irrigation system regularly for leaks or broken sprinkler heads and adjust pressures to specification.