1. Consider attending a landscape class hosted by a water provider. Most workshops occur in the spring and fall.

  2. Create a suggestion and incentives system at your organization to recognize water-saving ideas.

  3. Learn how to use your water meter to check for leaks.

  4. Hire a qualified pro to install your irrigation system and keep it working properly and efficiently.

  5. When back-washing your pool, consider using the water on salt-tolerant plants in the landscape.

  6. When you give your pet fresh water, don’t throw the old water down the drain. Use it to…

  7. If walking across the lawn leaves footprints (blades don’t spring back up), then it is time to water.

  8. Make suggestions to your employer or school about ways to save water and money.

  9. Call your local conservation office for more information about xeriscaping with water-thrifty trees, plants, and ground covers.

  10. Use a grease pencil to conduct a bucket test to check for pool leaks. An unnatural water level…

  11. Use a rain barrel to harvest rainwater from gutters for watering gardens and landscapes.

  12. If installing a lawn, select a lawn mix or blend that matches your climate and site conditions.

  13. Hire a Smartscape Certified professional landscaper who has received landscape training specific to the Sonoran Desert.

  14. Wash company vehicles as needed rather than on a schedule. Stretch out the time in between washes.

  15. Set a kitchen timer when using the hose as a reminder to turn it off. A running hose…

  16. Start a compost pile. Using compost in your garden or flower beds adds water-holding organic matter to the…