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Celebrate AZ Water: American Wetlands Month

May 12, 2021

[…] protect the wetlands in your community, state or country? American Wetlands Month is a perfect time to get started! Want to learn more about wetlands? Here are some additional articles: Celebrate AZ Water: Wetlands — The Buffer Zone Between Life and Loss Celebrate AZ Water: Turning the Bend at River Bend — Successful Restoration on the Agua Fria River Wetlands […]

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 3, 2021

[…] on social media. The answer will be revealed on Friday May 7th!   Instagram: @wateruseitwiselyaz Facebook: @WaterUseItWisely Twitter: @WUIW Make sure you find some time this week to thank and celebrate your teachers! More blogs you might enjoy: Teach your kids to protect earth and each other 5 Easy Way to Teach Kids to Conserve Water Top Tips and Tricks […]

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Arbor Day is April 30th!

April 26, 2021

On Arbor Day, we celebrate the significant role trees play in our lives and our environment and promote the planting and care of trees. So why should we celebrate and plant trees? In addition to being beautiful, trees provide a variety of benefits to people and the environment. Find our: Top Ten Reasons to Plant a Tree The shade of […]

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Earth Day with Wayne Drop

April 20, 2021

[…] surface area covered in water. Earth Day was founded in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues such as pollution, deforestation and clean water. Since then, Earth Day has been celebrated in 193 countries around the world! Our planet is a pretty special place, but it needs our help to thrive. One easy thing we can do to protect it […]

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Plant of the Month: Shades of Green

March 9, 2021

Shamrocks Aren’t the Only Green Plant to Celebrate in March I hear that wearing green will make you invisible to leprechauns so you can avoid being pinched. Some say it will bring you good luck. But did you know that even beyond March and St. Patrick’s Day, green is often used for interior decorating for its calming effect? You’ve likely […]

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blue euphorbia

Thanks to our Water Heroes

September 22, 2020

[…] not exist. That is why Water Use It Wisely is pleased to take part in the statewide campaign – Thank a Water Worker Day, on September 23. This inaugural event celebrates all essential water workers across the State and honors the employees who provide our most valuable asset – water. This collaborative event is intended to build public awareness about […]

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Detect and Chase Down Leaks with the 10-Minute WaterSense Challenge

March 16, 2020

[…] of water it takes to wash nearly 300 loads of laundry, and could be costing you an extra 10 percent on your water bills. That is why EPA’s WaterSense program celebrates Fix A Leak Week each year to remind you to do a thorough check of your home and landscape. In just 10 minutes, you can search your home for […]

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Celebrating 20 Years with our Top 20 Water-Saving Resources

December 5, 2019

We are very excited to share with our readers that this year, Water – Use It Wisely celebrated its 20th anniversary of helping Arizonans save water with a variety of water-saving resources. What began in 1999 as a joint effort between Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale to launch a water conservation campaign is now one of the largest conservation movements of […]

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Through the Lens of Art: Water=Life Project Celebrates our Relationship with Water

October 31, 2019

[…] painting by artist TaLisa; mobile screen-printing (bring a blank t-shirt or tote bag to create your own Water=Life custom screen print created by Thomas “Breeze” Marcus and facilitated by Jared Yazzie); and storytelling and performances by the lead artists involved in the project. Water=Life will encourage visitors to travel a walkable “stream” that guides them to an inner circle where […]

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Imagine A Day Without Water With Our Resident Vandweller

October 23, 2019

In celebration of Imagine A Day Without Water, we profiled Zack – a man who lives every day with hardly any water. Zack lives in a van. While Zack’s van is not down by the river, his lifestyle provides a great lesson on water conservation and the impact of living minimally. Zack became a vandweller in July 2019 as a …

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September 18, 2019

[…] that we talked about earlier provide many opportunities for recreation—fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking, camping, bird watching, and more. Wakeboarding on Bartlett Lake. Photo by Rick L. from our 2014 Spring Celebrate AZ Water Photo Contest.   We can’t live without water, so conservation and learning how to make our homes more water-efficient are also important parts of knowing about water. […]

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Celebrate AZ Water: Outdoor Recreation Along Arizona’s Waterways is a $13.5 Billion Industry

June 25, 2019

[…] Lake Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch Roosevelt Lake Salt River Slide Rock State Park Tempe Town Lake Tres Rios Wetlands Verde River And be sure to check out our other Celebrate AZ Water articles. This article originally appeared on April 11, 2019, and is being reprinted with permission. Water – Use It Wisely is pleased to feature guest bloggers who […]

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