Wayne Drop is Splashing Into November with Water-Saving Activities!

November 17, 2023

Wayne Drop introducing Water-Saving activities for the holidays.


Hi, Water Pals! Wayne Drop here, your trusty water-saving sidekick. Guess what’s on my November radar? Gratitude and giving thanks, of course. This year, I am extra grateful for the water we’ve got in Arizona! That’s why I wanted to share some awesome water-saving activities with you this month so we can turn our gratitude into action. Of course,  learning how to save water can also be an absolute blast, AND is fun to do with friends and family that visit during the holidays. So, gear up, Water Heroes – we’re about to embark on a journey of fun while becoming champions of water conservation!


Wayne Coloring Page Splash-tastic Fun:


Water Conservation Activities

Grab your coloring tools, whether they’re crayons, markers, or colored pencils, because we’re about to turn this coloring sheet of Wayne Drop in his desert garden into a masterpiece! The activity also includes a challenge to find objects in the garden and there is a word search on the back. Let’s splash some gratitude onto paper and create a colorful world that celebrates our beautiful desert and the awesome water we have!


Where’s Wayne Activity Book Water Detective Mission:


Water-Saving activity book - Where's Wayne.


Calling all water detectives! In this activity book, we’re going on a mission to explore water around the house. It’s not just about finding clues; it’s about being thankful for every drop. Grab your detective gear because we’re about to uncover water-saving secrets in the coolest places!


Arizona Water Adventure Book:


Water-Saving activity book - Adventure Book


Hold on tight because we’re going on a wild adventure across the state of Arizona! Join me, Wayne Drop, as I splash down on sites like lakes, rivers, canyons, and explain how and why they are important to the water that gets delivered to our homes. After reading each page, answer my quiz question. And this water-saving activity includes learning new words like ‘tributary’ and ‘gorge.’ It’s a journey that’s more exciting than a roller coaster ride – and way splashier!


Wayne Drop’s Crossword Puzzle:


Water-Saving activity - Crossword


Get those brain gears turning with this awesome crossword puzzle! It’s like a water-saving party for your brain, where you can have a blast while learning cool tricks to save water. Fill in those blanks and feel the high-five vibes – you’re a water-saving superstar in the making!


What’s Your Water-Saving Superhero Name?


Water-Saving activity - Connect the Dots and Super Hero


Go from water-saving superstar to water-saving superhero! Embark on a thrilling journey as you discover your Water-Saving Superhero alias. Picture yourself as a water hero, complete with a stylish cape and a mission to spread the word of water conservation. Don’t forget to connect the dots to see me, Wayne Drop, in all my water hero glory!


As we all ‘splash’ into November, celebrate and be thankful with me for the precious water we have in Arizona. Grab your activity sheets, round up your friends and family, and let the fun-filled water adventure begin! If you are looking for more water-saving activities, make sure to check out our activities page with games, tips, and more.


Wayne Drop is the official spokes-drop for Water – Use It Wisely. For over 20 years, he has been visiting community events, schools, and libraries to help talk about water conservation and why it’s so important to our state. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, boating, walks on the beach, and sledding in the snow. Find more blogs from Wayne Drop.