Five Favorite Blogs of 2023

January 17, 2024

As we wade into the promising ventures of 2024, it’s time to reflect on the wisdom shared in the past year. In this blog post, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on our five favorite blogs of 2023 that made a significant splash. So, let’s jump right in and explore the top picks that set the tone for water-saving last year.

1. Celebrate AZ Water: A Tale of Two Watersheds



Last February started with great anticipation as the southwest was experiencing above-average winter rains and snowfall. This was especially critical to the Colorado River supplies and the dwindling Lake Mead levels. Authored by experts from Arizona’s two main surface water providers, SRP and CAP,  this blog takes us on a captivating exploration of two watersheds.





2. Plant of the Month – San Marcus Hibiscus




In May, the spotlight was on the San Marcus Hibiscus – a floral sensation that doesn’t just add charm to your garden but also thrives on minimal water. Learn the secrets of nurturing this water-saving beauty and discover how a single plant can make a significant impact on your sustainable gardening journey.




3. Simple Ways to Check for Water Leaks – With Videos!




July brought us a gem – a blog that tackled a common culprit of water waste: those sneaky leaks! Packed with informative videos, this blog from our partner, City of Chandler, empowers you to become a leak detective in your own home making the daunting task of leak detection a breeze. Bid farewell to wasted water and say hello to a water-wise lifestyle.




4. How Do Those Desert Plants Survive




August is the perfect time to wonder how our resilient desert plants survive in the harshest of hot and dry conditions. This fascinating blog provides a glimpse into their world and uncovers the secrets of nature’s water-saving marvels. Spoiler alert: it involves some incredible adaptations that will leave you in awe and armed with inspiration for your own sustainable landscaping.




5. Carefree Desert Gardens: A Desert Jewel



October means cooler temperatures and a great time to get back outside. As days finally began to shorten in length, we explored the Carefree Desert Gardens– a true desert jewel. This blog not only serves as a virtual tour but also as a testament to the possibilities of creating water-wise oases in arid environments. From native plants to innovative landscaping, “Carefree Desert Gardens” proves that beauty and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.




What a year filled with so many helpful articles to help our readers save water! Let’s carry the wisdom of 2023 into the new year, embracing a water-wise lifestyle and nurturing a sustainable future for generations to come.

If you’re ready to soak up more water-saving ideas, check out our runners-up below:

Planting Ahead: Benefits of Smart Gardening & Desert LandscapingIn March, Noelle Johnson aka AZ Plant Lady, brought us valuable insights into planting with a purpose. This blog explores the foresight required for a sustainable garden and the myriad benefits that come with smart planning. A must-read for anyone looking to plant seeds of wisdom for the long term.

Plant of the Month – Slipper Flower – July enchanted us with the heat-loving Slipper Flower. This blog not only showcases the beauty of this unique plant but also highlights its water-saving characteristics. Discover how incorporating the Slipper Flower into your garden can be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious.