6 Habits to Fall in Love with this Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2021

LOVE is in the air!

We love our earth and the special gifts it gives us, especially water. The water in Arizona is unique and should be appreciated. It got us thinking… what are some easy water-saving habits to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day?

1. Fall in love with sweeping your driveway or patio.

Break-up with hosing it down and save water every time.

2. Fall in love with watering your lawn in the mornings.

Break-up with watering in the afternoon and minimize evaporation.

3. Fall in love with planting desert-friendly plants.

Break-up with planting high water-use plants and find huge water savings.

4. Fall in love with checking for water leaks.

Break-up with avoiding fixing leaky faucets and save water and money.

5. Fall in love with running your dishwasher only when it is full.

Break-up with running partial dishwasher loads.

6. Fall in love with pool cover options.

Break-up with leaving your pool uncovered and avoid evaporation.


Fall in love with water conservation!