Educational Resources Involving Water In Arizona For Home-Bound Students

June 24, 2020

When it comes to finding worthwhile material for keeping the young ones occupied during these long weeks of sheltering in place, the need remains great even as the stack of interesting, educational options dwindles.

We have found two online Arizona-centric sources that offer kid-level insight into the nature of the State’s water supplies, as well as some breathtaking depictions of natural Arizona. (Not counting our very own Tip Tank. Tip Tank is not only a memory game but provides kid-friendly water-saving tips.)

The first source is “Arizona’s Virtual Water Festival”  sponsored by the University of Arizona’s Project WET Foundation.

The online Water Festival divides information about Arizona’s most precious resource into four categories – Groundwater, Watersheds, Water Cycle and Water Conservation Technology. At the end of the “Festival,” students are invited to test their accumulated water knowledge in an online quiz.

The video presentations have a sort of localized “Bill Nye the Science Guy” vibe to them.

In a video segment titled “How does water move through the ground?”  for example, host Liam employs different combinations of sand and gravel at the bottom of water-filled tubes to depict how water moves through various types of soils (hint: it moves faster through chunky gravel than it does through dense sand).

In another segment on watersheds, host Miriam describes the fundamentals of how water that is “stored” in the State’s mountain regions in the winter eventually “sheds” those highlands and drains to the low points. Look for Miriam’s dog, Buttercup, to provide some helpful insight about shedding.

In all, Project WET’s Virtual Water Festival provides eleven videos on the nature of water in Arizona and around the planet, as well as the challenging final exam.

The other recommended source is a photographic presentation of images from around Arizona presented by The Atlantic magazine that simply must be seen to be appreciated.

Arizona: Images of the Grand Canyon State is evocative of the best photography to be found in Arizona Highways magazine, the long-time benchmark for awe-inspiring images of the State.

Few of the photographs are water-related. But those that do feature water are spectacular. The view from above of Lake Havasu City with the London Bridge tying together its two sides has an almost medieval aquatic feel to it. The magazine’s presentation of photographs from around the State should not be missed.

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