Happy Hallo-Wayne: Saving Water Doesn’t Have to be Scary

October 27, 2022

Hey everybody… Hallo-Wayne Drop here!


Spooky season is here! Your neighborhood is probably full of jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, skeletons, and witches… But saving water doesn’t have to be so scary!

Saving water on halloween
Wayne Drop and trick-or-treaters dressed up for a Halloween event in Chandler.


Don’t get me wrong, there is a scary side to water… like misusing and wasting water. Boy, do I have frightening stories. Someone taking a 30-minute shower will drive me psycho. And seeing sprinklers running during a rainstorm – Gaaahhhhhhh, terrifying!


That is why I am here to educate and share fun tips you can share with your family and friends. Water conservation is easy, fun, and something anyone can do!


While you’re out trick-or-treating keep an eye out for these spooky indications, sprinklers not watering properly or over watering, leaking faucets, or water on the sidewalk. These are signs that our water is being wasted. Don’t forget to tell an adult. You might even get a treat for your helpful efforts!


Want to know how I am making a splash this Halloween? Instead of trick-or-treating I am going to go TIP-or-treating! I like to give out water-saving tips along with my candy so that I can educate people on how easy saving water can be! Go visit our Kids Tips to learn some wicked awesome water-saving tips you can give out this Halloween season!

You are going to be a great water-saver, I can feel it in my bones!

Wait… I’m a water drop, I don’t think I have bones, but you get what I mean.

Wayne Drop and Trick or Treaters
Wayne Drop at Celebrate Mesa Fall Fest.


Want to win a special treat?

Send us a video of you in your costume saying your favorite water-saving tip (see my Kids Tips ideas) to win Water- Use It Wisely prizes! (Wayne Drop Beanies, colorful pencils, tattoos, toothpaste winders, and more!) Email us at jointhecause@wateruseitwisely.com.



Until next time, have a Happy Halloween and don’t forget to shut the water off while you brush your teeth after eating all that candy!


Wayne Drop is the official spokes-drop for Water – Use It Wisely. For over 20 years, he has been visiting community events, schools, and libraries to help talk about water conservation and why it’s so important to our state. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, boating, relaxing walks on the beach, and sledding in the snow. Find more blogs from Wayne Drop.