Is Your Toilet Running? This One Was at the “One for Water 4-Miler”

March 15, 2013

The One for Water 4-Miler was enjoyed by many last Saturday. This fun local race offered something for everyone – a fast course, desert scenery, fabulous prizes, swag, food, and a “tank chaser” to beat a running toilet.

This 4-mile event was created to raise awareness for fixing leaks and encouraging water efficiency in our homes, landscapes and businesses. Leaky “Loo” McFlapper, the event’s life-sized running toilet mascot, is a 6′ tall reminder that running toilets are only funny when they are mascots.

Joining “Loo” this year was Flapper Flushless, the super plumbing duck from R2K Plumbing, Rowdy Rotor (a leaky, misfit irrigation sprinkler head) from Ewing Irrigation and Misty the water drop from Peoria Water Conservation.

Misty the water drop from Peoria was batting her Katy Perry eyes at everyone.
Rowdy the Rotor from Ewing Irrigation, was showing off his leaky ways.
Casandra Pritchett visits the Water – Use It Wisely booth at the March 9th Fix a Week Leak “One for Water 4-Miler”

Following the race and awards ceremony, a Family Fun Festival with food, kid’s activities, leak-fixing demos, music, and more topped off a memorable race day. Water – Use It Wisely was there to ask trivia questions and to hand out water-saving information to all participants. You can tell Casandra Pritchett enjoyed the event by the cool Water – Use It Wisely ‘temporary’ tattoo she was showing off that day.

Flapper Flushless, the super plumber duck and mascot from R2K Plumbing just loved the Water –Use It Wisely message. What duck wouldn’t?

If you missed the race, there’s still plenty of time to celebrate Fix a Leak Week which officially runs from March 18 – 22. Be sure to visit the site for how-to-videos and other easy steps for leak repair. This special week challenges homeowners and businesses to take steps to identify and repair leaks that waste water and money.

Then again, who needs a special week? It’s important to fix leaks anytime you discover one… which reminds me of Water Saving Device #89, YOUR EARS! Listen for dripping faucets and running toilets. Fixing a leak can save 300 gallons a month or more.

Be sure to learn about our other 100+ ways to conserve water.