Just dropped. Wayne Drop’s Water-Saving Activity Sheet

September 22, 2022

Hello, fellow water savers! Wayne Drop here!

As you know, I am a thinker. I am always thinking about water conservation. Water is literally on my mind all the time, and if you’ve ever seen me, water is on my entire body, too. Which is good because I am always coming up with new ways to make water conservation fun and easy for kids. I can’t help it.

I had a successful brain “storming” session. 

The other day I put pen to paper. I was doin’ some noodling and some doodling and some mental canoodling with the subject I love most, water. Inspiration struck like monsoon lightning. And it looked an awful lot like a Water-Saving Activity Sheet.


I had a vision of me standing in my perfectly landscaped desert garden. There were desert trees and plants and flowers to color in. I saw secret objects in the garden to be discovered. There was a quiz with water-saving tips and a water-saving word search.


Water-Saving Activity Sheet, for kids, and teachers and everyone. 

I created my 8 ½ x 11” two-sided, perfectly printable masterpiece, aka Water-Saving Activity Sheet,  just for you.  Print it. Share it. Color it. Have fun with it. Learn how easy it is to save water. My work here may be done. But yours is just beginning. Have a great water-saving day!

Download the Kid’s Activity Sheet right here! Water-Saving Activity Sheet

Until next time, don’t forget to tell a parent or teacher if you see a water leak!




Wayne Drop is the official spokes-drop for Water – Use It Wisely. For over 20 years, he has been visiting community events, schools, and libraries to help talk about water conservation and why it’s so important to our state. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, boating, long walks on the beach, and sledding in the snow. Find more blogs from Wayne Drop.