June 1, 2015

Small changes can make a big impact in terms of overall water consumption — and that’s especially true in the laundry room. When it comes to the way you do regular laundry, taking a few simple measures can save significant water and energy. So what are some of the best ways to conserve water in the laundry room? How can you take steps to lower overall water usage in the way you clean linens and clothes? What small changes are the best to implement? To help answer these questions, here is a look at some top tips for conserving water in your household laundry habits.

  1. Re-use Towels. The towel you use to dry after a shower does not need to be laundered after each use, so hang it up and re-use it instead. Washing your household’s towels when they actually need to be washed is a much better use of water than daily loads.
  2. Use Less Hot Water. Saving money in the laundry room has to start with hot water usage because turning cold water to hot water is the most energy-intensive part of the laundry process. Use warm or cold water when possible, and you instantly save on water energy costs.
  3. Run Full Loads. Rather than running many small loads of laundry, save them to run larger, fuller loads instead. Every time the machine is used, you’re consuming water, so consolidating washes will be more efficient.
  4. Use Size Cycles. When you need to run a small load for some reason, take advantage of the washer’s “small load” option/setting, which will use less water because it is washing fewer items.
  5. Skip the Extra Rinse. Many washing machines have an option for an extra rinse cycle, so skip this step to save water. Use the right amount of soap in the first place, and you won’t need it anyway.
  6. Insulate and Lower the Temperature on Your Hot Water Tank. Your hot water tank will function most efficiently when it’s insulated, so be sure to insulate it well — especially if you have an older model. Likewise, turn down the tank’s temperature to 120 degrees instead of anything higher, which would be both unnecessary and costly.
  7. Upgrade to an Efficient Washing Machine. When your existing machine breaks, opt for an efficient machine to replace it. An efficient washing machine can save as much as 7,000 gallons per household per year! Look for a frontloading machine, if possible, as these tend to be more efficient.
  8. Upgrade to an Energy-Efficient Hot Water Heater. Likewise, when the time comes to replace your water heater, go with an efficient model. The cost savings of using an efficient water heater will make the purchase worthwhile, not to mention you may be eligible for government rebates for tankless and solar units.

Doing laundry is a normal part of life, but wasting water doesn’t have to be. Use the tips above to begin saving water and energy in your home’s laundry room today!

From time to time, Water – Use it Wisely features guest bloggers who write about topics related to water and water conservation. Corey Tournet is the owner of The Laundry Alternative, a company that specializes in extremely energy efficient washing machines and dryers that help consumers save water and energy.