The New Smart Home Water Guide is Hot off the Press, Literally!

April 1, 2014

Still hot from this week’s printing, the new Smart Home Water Guide is available to help residents find and repair leaks. Isn’t it time to start repairing leaks and saving money in your piggy bank again?

According to the EPA, the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water each year through leaks—the same amount of water needed to wash 280 loads of laundry, take 600 showers, or meet the average family’s water needs for a month! The smallest leaks can add up quickly and cost you money.

Fortunately, most leaks are easy to find if you know where to look, and they’re often simple to fix. This easy-to-follow guide will walk you through the process.

The Smart Home Water Guide was developed by the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association. View it here or contact your AMWUA Member Water Conservation Office for a free copy of the guide (for AMWUA residents, only).

Joanne Toms is a water conservation specialist with the City of Glendale, AZ, one of fifteen Water – Use It Wisely partners to offer water-saving advice and programs.