Plant of the Month: Azure Bush Germander

April 8, 2022

Azure Bush Germander
Bloom close up

Something Blue

Azure Bush Germander (Teucrium fruticans ‘Azureum’) is a unique blue flowering perennial that thrives in full sun & drought tolerant Arizona gardens. With striking silvery sage foliage and cooling blue purple blooms that cover the bush in Winter extending into Spring, it’s sure to bring pollinators and brighten up your garden at a time of year when most plants are not blooming.


Azure Bush Germander is native to the Mediterranean region and like many plants from that region, it performs remarkably well in Arizona’s hot & dry climate. It grows to 3-4’ tall and 2-3’ wide in an upright shape. The plant is evergreen in Arizona with unique silvery green foliage that provides an interesting color to the garden even when not in bloom. Blooms begin in the Winter, a welcome burst of color when many plants are not blooming, and continue into the Spring. The blue-purple blooms cover the shrub and are a favorite of bees.

Bees on flowers
The flowers are a favorite for bees!


Landscape Use

Azure Bush Germander thrives in full sun locations, including Western exposures. It is not picky about soil and thrives in native soil that has been loosened for planting. It is freeze-hardy and does no need to be protected during the wintertime. Recommended planting companies with complementary plant colors and similar water/sun requirements are Fern Leaf Lavender & Dwarf Olive bush.


This beautiful & hardy perennial is very low maintenance. No fertilizing or deadheading is needed. They can be pruned to shape after blooming is finished, concentrating on cutting out older growth.

After establishing for a year, Azure Bush Germander is drought tolerant. No irrigation is required during the cooler months and a monthly watering during the summer months will help the shrub look its best.




Did you know that up to 70 percent of water use is outdoors? That’s why we love desert plants and feature them each month. You can learn more about Azure Bush Germander and many other plants by visiting our Arizona Low-Water-Use Plants page. Also, be sure to read through all of our featured Plant of the Month blogs!

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