Plant of the Month: Calling All Chocolate Lovers!!

April 16, 2021

How would you like to be greeted in the morning by the delicious, rich smell of chocolate from your garden? If that sounds AMAZING, Berlandiera lyrata, or “Chocolate Flower” is the plant for you! When the plant is in full flower, it gives off a distinctive chocolate scent. Yum!

This low-growing perennial has coarse, evergreen foliage, with yellow daisy-like flowers and a maroon center. It grows about 6-8 inches high by 12-18 inches wide and is native to the Southwest and Mexico. The Chocolate Flower thrives in full sun but tolerates filtered sun and is drought tolerant and low maintenance. It adapts to a variety of soils and readily reseeds itself, making it a desirable addition to your wildflower garden.

Chocolate Flower – Berlandiera lyrata

Plant this perennial in small masses where you can get up close for seasonal color and fragrance – in fact, it’s a perfect choice for a sensory garden. The Chocolate Flower attracts butterflies, bees, and birds. Unfortunately, when first planted out, rabbits like it, too (why wouldn’t a rabbit enjoy chocolate? ????). This would make a perfect addition to your garden for late spring and fall color!

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Feature photo provided by Erin Spear. Middle photo provided by AMWUA, one of nineteen Water – Use It Wisely partners who offer water-saving advice. For a surprisingly diverse selection of over 200 low water use landscape plants, be sure to visit their website, Plants for the Arizona Desert.