Removing Your Pool: Saving More Than Water

August 15, 2023

Have you thought about a pool removal? Not only is it a great way to reclaim your backyard for other uses, it may also make your yard safer for children or pets. While it may be true that one in six pool owners surveyed wish they could get rid of their pools, many fail to do so because they lack the information needed.

Pool chemicals and cleaners
Besides the water costs, pool chemical use and motorized pumps all add to the costs of maintaining a pool.

Adding Up Pool Costs

The arid weather in the Southwest makes swimming pools the ideal escape for the warmer months of the year and a fun and refreshing way to enjoy summer! For decades, swimming pools have been a popular landscape feature in desert backyards. In fact, over 20% of single-family homes in the region have swimming pools, and on average, backyard pools use about 30,000 gallons of water per year. When comparing this to the annual average residential water use in Tucson, about 72,000 gallons, pools represent a significant amount of the household water use. Undoubtedly, this translates into a significant added cost, too. A backyard pool comes with associated costs and responsibilities and if not maintained with water efficiency in mind, a pool can waste both water and money.

New Website Answers Questions

If you are a curious pool owner or are considering installing a pool in the future and would like to know more about operating costs, check out this brand-new website The site is sponsored by Tucson Water in collaboration with Oro Valley Water, Marana Water, and Metro Water.

On the website, you can explore the Savings Estimator to learn about annual swimming pool costs based on local utility data (currently only for Tucson area) and user-supplied information. If you’re thinking of removing or repurposing your pool, read about the benefits of pool removal, the pool removal options available, and some local information about who removes pools. You can also learn about a Tucson resident who recently removed their pool.

swimming pool


Repurposing Your Pool

If pool removal is not for you, other repurposing options for your pool include converting it to rainwater harvesting storage or a creating a natural pond. If you love your pool and are interested in ways to save water, and best ways to enjoy it safely, check out these additional resources.

Candice Rupprecht is a Water Conservation Program Manager and Valeria Galindo is a Water Conservation Specialist for the City of Tucson – Tucson Water, one of nineteen Water – Use It Wisely partners to offer water-saving advice and programs.