See Which Photo Contest Submission “Rains” Supreme

July 17, 2014

The second annual Water – Use It Wisely photo contest is a wrap, and we have a winner! After reviewing over 1,000 incredible images celebrating water throughout Arizona, Dave C’s photo of a post-rain scene in Boulder Canyon was a drop above the rest.

“The celebration of water in a climate like ours can be very different for each person. For me, it’s not permanent features like lakes and rivers that call for celebration but the temporary, seasonal, fleeting water that hydrates our thirsty land,” said the photographer, a nature fanatic and hiking enthusiast. “This particular shot really seemed to capture the flow of the water, the height of the flood in this once tiny stream washing the desert clean.”

Dave was hiking in Boulder Canyon Creek, but the dry riverbed wasn’t exactly picturesque. Following a night of rain, Dave returned to the same spot and was awed by the vibrant landscape.

“It illustrates, to me, what water is in our deserts: rare, dramatic and cleansing,” added Dave.

We want to say a huge “thank you” to all of this year’s contest participants. Congratulations again to Dave and all 10 of our photo finalists. We know whom we want behind the shutter when the next amazing Arizona water moment happens!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.59.11 PM
Participants were asked to submit a photo that they believe represents a celebration of water in Arizona. The photo and its caption were equally weighted in importance.
1. James D. – Watson Lake | As the clouds above Watson Lake swell with precipitation, preparing to rain down nourishment and life, my girlfriend Julie takes a moment of reflection.
2. Erin M. – Glen Canyon Dam | Taken above the Hollow Jets at the Glen Canyon Dam during the high release project. The high release project is a controlled water release to help wash sediment from Lake Powell down the Colorado River to help build habitat for life down the river.
3. Melissa R. – Mogollon Rim | This photo was taken after a secluded two mile hike to one of my favorite fishing and camping spots! It was raining on and off all day; but the clouds broke and lifted just long enough to capture the true beauty of this wild mountain stream.
4. Jessica B. –  Saguaro Lake in the grasses | It shows how wildlife live on the water also, and we aren’t the only ones who need it daily.
5. Nicole C. – Lees Ferry | This was taken while we were kayaking from Lake Powell to Lees Ferry.
6. WINNER: David C. – Boulder Creek, Superstition Wilderness | Boulder Creek in flood stage after a rare rain/snow event illustrates how fleeting water is in the desert. The week before, and a week later, this same creek was barely a trickle of water.
7. Diana M. – Woods Canyon Lake
8. Joe N. – Lower Salt River | The Salt River is a slow but steady giant that breathes life into all things it comes in contact with.
9. Nichole T. – Canyon Lake | Having a blast showing our kids the fun of jumping in and letting go of fear at the gorgeous Canyon Lake.
10. Laurie H.- Navajo Bridge | Navajo Bridge just after sunrise.