Water – Plant It Wisely: Everything You Need for Spring Planting!

February 12, 2024

This spring, learn how beautiful water conservation can be. 

Spring is in the air; in the sweetness of the citrus buds, in the warmth against your skin, and in the vibrant colors of blooming shrubs. Time to put your garden gloves and shovel to work and get your landscaping on par with the rest of Mother Nature. Water – Plant It Wisely is your handy resource to provide landscaping guidance, advice, and ideas on what to plant. Because what you plant affects more than your yard. It helps create a more sustainable future. By selecting low-water-use plants, you help conserve our precious water supply for generations to come. Bet you didn’t know your little ol’ garden could do all that. Learn more at WaterPlantItWisely.com.

Dig into the benefits of low-water-use plants. 

Want more hummingbirds and buzzing bees? Fragrant flowers? Shady trees? Water conservation becomes poetic in its beauty when desert landscaping balances plant aesthetics and dry climate mindfulness. The sheer number of heat and drought-resistant species native to our southwest deserts or from arid climates around the world may surprise you. Desert flora doesn’t require much water to thrive and adds a variety of colors, sizes, functions, and yes, even lush greenery to your landscaping.

Desert Marigolds with Orange Globe Mallow in the background.
Desert Marigolds with Orange Globe Mallow in the background.

You will love how your yard looks and how your water bills look. With each low-water-use plant you place in your landscape, you can save up to 550 gallons a year. Considering up to 70% of water use is outdoors, you can brag to your neighbors that your beautiful landscape is not only conserving water but is easy to take care of, too.

Quick facts on the benefits of low-water-use landscapes.

Use up to 75% less water than grass or traditional landscapes

Save water, a precious resource in the desert

Provide many functions (shade, attracting birds, add color)

Easier to maintain requiring less fertilizer, pesticides, and care

The healthy gains, the financial gains of low-water-use landscaping.

A beautiful, lush garden calms the soul. And as you sit in the shade of your new landscape, admire your spring plants, and breathe easier, you’ll be glad to know that the air around you is actually cleaner. One tree can remove over 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over its lifetime, equal to 1,300 miles of car emissions. You will also enjoy financial gains, thanks to your low-water-use garden. In addition to helping you save on your water bill; a gorgeous landscape can increase a home’s value by up to 15% and accelerate its sale by five to six weeks. (Not that you’ll necessarily want to sell your home – you need to enjoy your garden masterpiece first!). As you can see, landscaping with water conservation in mind has many personal, environmental, and financial benefits. But wait, there’s more…

Where to begin? Right here, at WATERPLANTITWISELY.COM!  

All spring long we will be sowing the seeds of water conservation. Bookmark our new landing page, waterplantitwisely.com and return often. It should be your go-to resource for spring (and fall) landscaping. We’ve curated the site with all of our favorite Water – Use It Wisely resources. You will find information on desert plant varieties, blogs, helpful videos, upcoming water-saving events, rainwater harvesting, water-saving tips, fun spring giveaways, and more! Now, let’s do some gardening!