Water – Use It Wisely has a new look!

July 12, 2021

We are pleased to announce a fresh new look for Water – Use It Wisely that includes a new logo, vibrant new campaign colors, and a tremendous new website.

Why now? Great question.

For more than twenty years, Water – Use It Wisely has worked hard to ensure the message of water conservation flows continuously into the hearts and minds of residents. But perceptions of water conservation have evolved. If we want our campaign to reach a new generation of water savers, we realized that we must evolve too.

focus group discussion
Water – Use It Wisely Partners watch the guided focus group discussion through a two-way mirror in 2019.

In the fall of 2019, we conducted qualitative and quantitative research to gain a deeper understanding of how people feel about water conservation today, and how they feel about us. While our water conservation campaign does many things very well, there were some things we could be doing better to engage the next generation of water savers.

After almost a year of research and design development, we proudly introduce a new Water – Use It Wisely campaign that floods our brand not only with new energy, but even a new sparkle – you know… like how light bounces off of a water wave or how the sun reflects on pristine snow.


The strategy behind the new logo.

Our research showed that people loved the message in our logo, Water – Use It Wisely, because it quickly communicates who we are and provides a call to action. We kept the message prominent in our new design. But we also felt the new logo presented an opportunity to communicate our Arizona roots and establish a deeper connection with our residents. Did you notice the outline of Arizona in our new design? Yep, that was intentional. And because we are a water conservation campaign, we knew that water should be present in our logo – not an abundance of water – just enough to serve as a reminder of why conservation is so important.

Old vs new logo

The strategy behind the new colors.

The colors of our new logo reflect the colors of water and include shades of blue. Light green represents the environment and sustainability, and gold represents the Arizona sun. These vibrant colors are used throughout our campaign on everything from branding our website to our social media messages, and our advertising.

updated color pallete
Water – Use It Wisely’s updated color pallete.

The strategy behind the new website.

home page on mobile and desktop

The new website presented an opportunity to discuss water conservation in a more visually engaging way that showcases our beautiful state. We revised the navigation and streamlined the content to make sure the website is more user friendly. It’s a website about water, after all, and we wanted it to have a natural flow from one page to the next.

Google Analytics on the old website showed us that visitors spend a lot of time searching for our 100+ water-saving tips, how to save water indoors, and information on landscaping – a challenging and unique task in the low desert. That’s why we include great resources on xeriscape-style landscaping, beautiful plant selection ideas, and how to water properly. We made sure this popular content was easy to find on the new site as well as in our timely blogs. Also, the website now functions as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops.

Everything is new. Including, we hope, your interest in water conservation.

As always, we’re not here to tell you to save water but instead, show you how. Our primary goal is to be your trusted, go-to water conservation resource. To do so means that we need to connect with you, inspire you, and share our best water-saving ideas. Engage with us on our social media channels and start a conversation, and don’t forget our monthly newsletter to receive relevant and seasonal information.

Our #1 tip
Remember, you’re our number one water-saver!


Go ahead! Dip your toes in and check out our new campaign and website on wateruseitwisley.com and our social media channels! We are excited about the future of Water – Use It Wisely, and we thank all of you for the possibilities that lie ahead for water conservation.


billboard message
A billboard example you may see around Arizona soon!