Wayne Drop Reconnects with Impatient Fourth Grader!

July 21, 2022

Hello teachers, students, children, and fellow water savers!

4th grade Mya

Wayne Drop here with a wonderful story that floods my heart. Way back in 2009 (when I was a slimmer water drop), I received a brave letter from little 4th grader Mya Oleksiak who wrote about her passion for water conservation. She dared to share her ideas and love for the water we cherish! At the time, she described herself as “an impatient fourth grader,” and her letter brilliantly captured what Water – Use It Wisely is all about!


Here is the letter Mya originally wrote in 2009.

Wayne Drop Reconnects with Impatient Fourth Grader!
Mya today!


I recently reconnected with Mya and I’m happy to say our little droplet became a river. Ten years later, Mya is a college graduate with a flow of her own and I’m happy to report her passion for water conservation has grown from a sprinkle to a flood!


Here is my conversation about conservation with Mya.


Wayne Drop:       Do you remember writing this letter to me at Water – Use It Wisely back in 2009?

Mya:    I remember writing the letter, but I remember the response I got from Water – Use It Wisely even more. Not only did I receive a response but I also received a package with merch, and it made me feel heard. I definitely felt proud wearing the T-shirt that was sent to me.

Wayne Drop:     What are you up to now?

Mya:   I graduated from college just about a year ago. Ever since, I have been working as a mortgage loan originator. In my free time I love to travel, work out, play golf, and spend time with friends and family.

Wayne Drop:     Do you still consider yourself “impatient?”

Mya:   I’m not sure if “impatient” was ever the correct word to use. I think I was more “eager” for a response because it was something I was passionate about and I was eager for a change. I still get that way about anything that I am passionate about.

Wayne Drop:     Do you feel still have a passion for water conservation?

Mya:  Yes, I feel strongly about anything that has to do with protecting our planet. I believe I have affected the lives of those around me by promoting a “green” way of living. For example, my college roommates and I set aside our recyclables and I took them to the county recycling center every few weeks. Although I am not perfect, I have established many habits to help reduce my water usage and carbon footprint.

Wayne Drop:    What are you currently doing to conserve water? 

Mya:   I honestly feel that I do everything I can in my daily life to reduce the amount of water I use. My family members and I have always been great about using water and other resources only when necessary. When I originally wrote the letter to Water – Use It Wisely, I was a complete nag around my house. Little 9-year-old me used to time each of my sisters when they got in the shower. I would then tell them to wrap it up once five minutes had passed. These antics didn’t last long but I think that they impacted my family’s lives forever. We still do everything we can to conserve water.

Wow, what fun to reconnect with my friend, Mya!


Wayne Drop Reconnects with Impatient Fourth Grader!Our water is precious. Mya’s story is precious and it brings a tear to my eyes to learn that Mya is still passionate about our state’s most precious resource. She is a good lesson for kids everywhere. At age 9, Mya may have been just a drop, but her actions clearly created a ripple!



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