We all marvel at the beauty of a big desert storm and what it does for our plants. It’s like our landscapes are a little more alive after drinking a big gulp of rain. The clean, salt-free properties of rainwater are extremely beneficial for desert plants, and you can make sure your landscapes are quenched by this natural source even after the storm is over by setting up a water harvesting system.

rainwater harvesting green living magazine october water use it wiselyWhether you simply re-direct water to your plants by creating natural-looking swales or basins or set up a more advanced gutter, storage or pump system, our new Rainwater Harvesting resource page will give you all the tricks of the trade for making our next downpour last.

Plus, don’t miss our recent rainwater harvesting article by Water – Use It Wisely partner, Tina Sleeper, in the October issue of Green Living Magazine here.

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