March 26, 2015


April is right around the corner, and it is full of fun and educational water-related activities. This is because April is Water Awareness Month (WAM)! To celebrate, the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) is partnering with many organizations from around the state to encourage Arizonians to adopt water-efficient lifestyles. A fun and interactive website serves as a portal for water-related information to help homeowners and businesses become more water efficient in easy and creative ways. Visit the Water Awareness Month website to see the many hands-on classes, events, and activities on topics such as low water use plants, how to find and fix leaks, rainwater harvesting, Earth Day, Xeriscape demonstration gardens, and much, much more.

Click to see full calendar.
Click to see full calendar.

This year’s WAM special topic is PH2OTOS! To add to the fun, we are launching a statewide photo competition, and we invite you to take water-related photos and enter to be eligible to win cool prizes. Tell us why you like the picture and how it inspires water awareness, and you can win one of many items, such as an aluminum reusable water bottle, a frog-shaped moisture meter, a water science book, or a stress reliever water droplet. Celebrate Arizona’s precious water resources and take advantage of this opportunity to share your love for water and photography with others. Find more information about the competition on WAM’s Facebook page.

Join us in the celebration of water all month long. There are so many ways to participate. Post a pH2Oto, participate in water-related events and activities, follow some of the helpful tips and resources, visit the WAM Facebook or Twitter page, and share all you know about April and Water Awareness Month with all of your friends and family.

From time to time, Water – Use it Wisely features guest bloggers who write about topics related to water and water conservation. The author of this blog post, Einav Henenson, is a Water Resources Specialist at the Arizona Department of Water Resources, focused on statewide Water Conservation.