Fix a Leak Week: Chasing Down Leaks & Running Toilets

March 5, 2014

Chasing leaks is hard work, fixing them is a walk in the park!

Leaks can be more than annoying. For every drip that keeps you awake at night, there is an associated expense for wasted water. The good news is that common leaks found in the home are easy to fix – they include worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and leaking shower heads – and can save about 10% on your water bill.

Can you outrun a toilet?
Join us for this “tank chaser” race to see if you can beat our running toilet.

When is having a drippy faucet a good thing?

How about during Fix a Leak Week March 17– 23rd? Sponsored by EPA’s WaterSense® program, Fix a Leak Week reminds us of the easy steps we can take to help save water in our community. With tips and video instructions on how to fix those drippy faucets, leaky irrigation systems and running toilets, Fix a Leak Week promises to be just what the “amateur” plumber ordered.

Did we mention running toilets?

After you’ve identified and fixed your leaks, join us at the end of the week for the One for Water 4-Miler. This unique, professionally timed race features Leaky ‘Loo’ McFlapper, a charmingly inefficient, larger-than-life-sized running toilet. The One for Water 4-Miler welcomes adults running with kids or dogs on this wide, paved route through a beautiful desert setting. Beat our running toilet to the finish line for prizes, fitness, and fun.

The race takes off at the City of Peoria’s Rio Vista Community Park on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 at 8 a.m. The park is located at 8866 West Thunderbird Road, Peoria, AZ. We will have great prizes for the race medalists in a variety of categories thanks to our generous sponsors.

This 4-mile event was created to raise awareness for fixing leaks and encouraging water efficiency in our homes, landscape, and businesses. Leaky “Loo” McFlapper is a 6′ tall reminder that running toilets are only funny when they are mascots. Race organizers, sponsors, and volunteers do take fixing leaks seriously and hope that you will join them at this truly one-of-a-kind event.

Following the race and awards ceremony, a Family Fun Festival with food, kid’s activities, leak-fixing demos, music, and more will top off a memorable race day. Be sure to visit the Water – Use It Wisely booth and play the “Toilet Toss” game to win some great prizes.

The Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA) is one of fifteen Water – Use It Wisely partners to offer water-saving advice and programs.