Gift Ideas That Keep On Saving

December 10, 2023

‘Tis the season of giving… and saving! Look no further than this Water – Use It Wisely approved holiday wish list.

WaterSense Labeled Fixturesgift idea of a watersense label

Who doesn’t want a gift that keeps on giving month after month with water and even energy savings? WaterSense labeled fixtures like a showerhead, irrigation controller, bathroom faucet, and how about a regular or dual-flush toilet? Yea, we know, the song doesn’t go “Deck the halls with dual-flush toilets, fa-la-la-la-la…” but what better way to show your commitment to conserve something that supports every living thing on Earth? (Maybe you should write that on the gift tag). Find a listing of WaterSense products or just look for the WaterSense label on the packaging.

Reusable Water Bottles

We all have that bottled-water drinker in our lives. But, single-use bottled water requires a lot of resources (including energy and water) to produce, transport, and process plastic water bottles. All of this generates waste and pollution. That’s why a good-quality reusable water bottle is such a great gift idea. There are so many types to choose from. Find one that fits the personality of the person you are gifting to help break that plastic water bottle habit for good. Check out top rated ones here.

Landscaping Products Arizona Wildflower packages at a local nursery

Since up to 70% of water use is outdoors in the landscape, there are a number of great water-saving products to pick up at your local nursery such as a watering can, a hose nozzle, rain gauge, native wildflower seeds, desert plants and trees, or water-saving mulch – or maybe just a gift card. Find a listing of your local nursery here.

Landscaping Books

For the new homeowner learning how to take care of their landscape, there’s a great selection of books, on desert gardening, desert plants, irrigation, maintenance, rainwater harvesting, and more.  Find our Top Desert Gardening Books written by local plant experts. Find this list of the best bookstores in AZ .

Irrigation ControllersIrrigation Controller and Smart Phone

Have a special someone that loves to control household tasks with their smartphone? Find this helpful listing from the Irrigation Association for Smartphone-Friendly Irrigation Controllers. When selecting, we highly recommend looking for the brands that check the box for being ‘automatic scheduling interval capable.’ This option works best for our desert climate and for plants that perform best by drying out in between waterings.

Landscaping and Gardening Classes

Experiential gifts are always a great idea for many on your shopping list. Check out the landscape and gardening classes from the Desert Botanical Garden on composting, pollinator gardens, and more. Or, check out the Water – Use It Wisely events calendar to see what free classes are being offered by our partners across the valley. Perhaps you could package it up in a fun invitation and combine it as a ‘lunch/dinner and a class’ for a unique date night.

Nonprofit Donation

How about a donation to a nonprofit who helps the water conservation cause or other issues like water scarcity? From Project WET to Water for People, these organizations use science and technology along with expert networking to fund water projects at home and abroad for those who need it most. A couple of others making a difference are Wyland Foundation and