Xeriscape Gardens – Great Outdoor Escapes

December 19, 2023

Local Xeriscape Gardens. Great holiday getaways for landscaping ideas.

Mesa Community College Xeriscape Demonstration Garden sign
The Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at Mesa Community College, installed in 1989, was one of the first in the Valley.

You’ve heard about the benefits of forest bathing? Well, in the desert we have xeriscape bathing. Arizona’s many xeriscape demonstration gardens are perfect outdoor getaways during the holiday season. They provide calming places to relax, to enjoy light exercise, and to pick up pointers on how to incorporate xeriscaping ideas into your home landscape.

You’ll find many practical, first-hand examples of plants and plant combinations. Exploring a demonstration garden is good for the soul, good for your home garden, and – since many are free – good for the wallet, too. Get some fresh air and some fresh ideas on how to have the most incredible landscaping in your neighborhood.

Many of our Water – Use It Wisely partners have demonstration gardens in their community or support their local botanical gardens. Check out our recent blog on the Carefree Desert Gardens.

Find a listing of Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens here.