Holiday Shopping at Your Local Businesses

November 27, 2019

The holidays are here and no doubt, this can be a stressful time when deciding on your gift-giving. And this year, there are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than there were last year so you’re going to have to work more efficiently. But don’t fret (or spill your water), we’re here to help make your shopping a snap with some environmentally-friendly options.

We’ve worked with Local First Arizona (LFA) to showcase local businesses and organizations that are giving back to our environment and working hard to use less water. When you’re out doing your holiday shopping this season, keep in mind the conservationist in your life by supporting these local businesses. If you would like to support other local businesses as well, we encourage you to check out LFA’s website. Here are just a few that we like to support:

Adventurous Stills - Craft Whiskey and Spirits

For the craft spirits drinker, Adventurous Stills in Tempe offers craft/small batch distilled rum, whiskey, and other spirits from scratch. To conserve water, they’ve designed a system to recycle water from their chilling process that can be reused elsewhere in their facility.

Duck and Decanter Logo

For the foodie on your list, Duck & Decanter is a staple. Not only are they a sandwich shop offering delicious food, but they also offer retail items, wines by the glass, and espresso. Duck & Decanter received a water audit through the partnership between LFA, Water – Use It Wisely, and EcoBlue. During their audit, they noticed how much water was wasted by their older appliances. They upgraded their appliances to water-efficient models and they are now saving thousands of gallons and $400/month on their water bill.

For the wine lover, Page Springs Cellars, Caduceus Cellars, and Merkin Vineyards, as well as Fish’s Garden and Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Verde Valley, have all participated in the Verde River Exchange water offset program to reduce groundwater usage. According to their website, here is how the program works: Through the Exchange, Verde Valley groundwater users seeking to reduce their “water footprint” and participate in reducing collective impacts of groundwater pumping on the river can buy “Water Offset Credits,” which are created when other willing water users temporarily reduce their water use. Friends of the Verde River also have a list of businesses that provide financial support which goes towards conservation efforts in the Verde River watershed.

For the bird lover, supporting Audubon Arizona in Phoenix or Tucson is the perfect gift. Not only are they advocates for birds and their habitats, but the Phoenix location also has a greywater system that reuses water and the Tucson location has a rainwater harvesting system. Make a donation in someone’s name or visit their retail shop for more ideas.

For the person that enjoys it all, the Phoenix Zoo offers it all. A zoo membership offers unlimited daytime admission, as well as access to their many special events such as Zoo Lights or the member breakfast with Santa. Also, another great reason to support them is their commitment to saving water. Over the last couple of years, the zoo has cut their water use by 20 percent! They have done this by changing nozzles on hoses, putting timers on their misters, and sensors on their water attractions. Purchase passes or visit their retail shop for more ideas.

Choosing to support these businesses and organizations is a great way to reduce your water footprint. And of course, the conservationist in your life will thank you!

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