Celebrating 20 Years with our Top 20 Water-Saving Resources

December 5, 2019

We are very excited to share with our readers that this year, Water – Use It Wisely celebrated its 20th anniversary of helping Arizonans save water with a variety of water-saving resources. What began in 1999 as a joint effort between Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale to launch a water conservation campaign is now one of the largest conservation movements of its kind. Today, 20 Arizona partners work together to promote fun, easy, and practical water-saving ideas through our website, social and traditional media, at events, and through our many partner networks. Along the way, we’ve learned some valuable lessons. The most valuable of which is that our success hinges on YOU. Whether you’re a company, individual, educator, community group, non-profit, or municipality, it’s up to all of us to “Join The Cause” and help spread the message. Please celebrate with us as we continue in our mission by discovering and sharing our top 20 water-saving resources!

Our Top 20 Water-Saving Resources

1.) Get the latest news and join the movement directly by reading and sharing the Water – Use It Wisely blog. You’ll read about everything from low-water-use plants to water-saving resources and upcoming events in the Valley. Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter and stay current on all the information.

Our Landscape Watering by the Numbers guide can help you figure out how much and how often to water your landscape plants.

2.) Need some motivation to get you started? Use our monthly planner for a new water-saving idea each month.

3.) Follow us on Instagram to see our plant-of-the-month pictures, behind the scenes images, and more.

4.) Mark your calendar for one of the many landscape classes, workshops, and events offered by our 20 water partners.

5.) Use our interactive Landscape Watering by the Numbers guides to learn how much and how often to water your plants and lawn.

6.) Take advantage of our free resources for teachers and educators. Instantly download and print free flashcards for use in the classroom. The cards are a fun way to educate students on the importance of conserving water.

7.) Become part of the global Water – Use It Wisely community on Facebook. Like and follow our page, recruit your friends, and join in the conversation.

8.) Use our plant of the month recommendations when adding or replacing a plant in your landscape. You can save up to 550 gallons a year!

9.) See for yourself the impact Water – Use It Wisely is having by watching our videos on YouTube.

10.) Download our free tips posters. They are perfect for classrooms, offices, and even your kid’s bathroom mirror! Click on any of the tips and look for “Download this Poster” at the bottom.

Refilling your water bottle not only saves water by cutting down on washes, but it can also keep plastic bottles out of the landfill.


11.) Learn new ways to conserve every day by following us on Twitter. Receive a selection of our 100+ water tips that keep you informed on simple ways to save water.

12.) Another great source of landscape inspiration: watch our 10-part Drab to Fab video series to see a landscape makeover from start to finish and use the tips to tackle your landscape project.

13.) Give your customers a convenient reminder about the importance of saving water each day by adding out Tip Widget to your website. The tip widget is free, easy to install and displays a new tip each day of the month so visitors to your site will always have a fresh perspective on how to save water.

14.) Make an immediate impact and start saving today by accessing over 100 water-saving tips and tricks in the “100 + Ways to Conserve” section of the website.  Start yourself, then share with family and friends.

Wayne Adventure Book
Discover natural and man-made bodies of water across Arizona as you tour the state with Wayne Drop.

15.)  Landscape care doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the information you need. The easiest way to conserve thousands of gallons of water around your home is to reduce the water you use on your landscape. Find our landscape care how-to topics.

16.) Increase your brand recognition by connecting it with Water – Use It Wisely. Instantly download the logo directly to your website or social network.

17.) Pinterest fans will love our pins and boards that cover a variety of topics from Xeriscape landscaping and low-water-use plants to water facts infographics and kids conservation activities. There is something for everyone.

18.) Take your kids on an adventure with our lovable mascot, Wayne Drop, as he tours Arizona and learns about saving water at home (downloadable PDFs). You can also introduce them to our kid’s page that provides interactive games and quizzes to help learn about water and water conservation.

19.) Educate the next generation of conservationists by sharing with them why water conservation is so important and show them how little things can make a big difference. Get some great ideas in our blog, Six Activities to Teach Kids About Water.

20.) And our most valuable water-saving resource being, YOU!

Water - Use It Wisely Cake with Wayne Drop Cut Out
Water – Use It Wisely has been making a splash in water conservation for 20 years.