Thanks for visiting our Water – Use It Wisely kid’s page. Take a look around and check out our resources for kids. It is easier to navigate than ever, so kids and adults can poke around, have fun and learn about water conservation in new ways.

Parents and teachers will love our water saving tip posters, which you can find under Water Saving Tips. These downloadable posters are perfect to get youngsters thinking about water use. The page also has lesson plans and tons of educational resources for teachers, which you’ll find under the For Teachers link. And, of course, games like Tip Tank and Discover Water are perfect for kids of all ages. Check out the Games page for links to other cool water-related games and activities. You can test your water sense from our friends at EPA’s WaterSense when you race through pipes and meet the water wasters. You can also take an interactive tour of how water works — from source to tap and back.

We enhanced our Kids page because we believe it is important to teach children early about water conservation so they can build smart habits that will last a lifetime. One way to do that is to watch the home water challenge video on our Water Challenge page.

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