Making the Most of the Water in Your Home

August 20, 2019

Water is an important part of your daily home routine: from washing and bathing to cooking and cleaning, water plays an integral part in most homes across the country. You can take a few small measures to ensure that the water in your home is conserved, used correctly, and not damaging anything inside. From water leaks to water conservation, we’ll cover a few topics that can help you make the most of the water in your home.

What causes a water leak

There are some potential dangers or occurrences that can cause a water leak in your home, many of which you may not even be able to see. The best way to prepare for water damage of any kind in your home is to understand more about them, specifically what can cause a water leak. Here are just a few of the things that can cause a pipe to burst or a leak to spring in your home:

Natural disasters or rainstorms: If your roof is patched incorrectly or your windows weren’t installed properly, you could face water leaks coming in through these open pathways. A rainstorm or natural disaster can sometimes find its way into your home if it’s not protected adequately.

Washing machine hose breaks: Second to the bathroom, your laundry room uses the most water in the home. If your machine’s hose ruptures, you could be facing a large watery mess.

Holes in the water line: This can majorly impact your toilets, sinks, and showers. Hidden pipes are a potential danger should breakage occur. If your water line has any holes or breaks, water can leak into your bathroom through these areas.

Moisture around your HVAC equipment: Built-up moisture can cause water leaks, especially for interior AC units. Be sure to check on your HVAC and plumbing equipment annually to prevent these leaks from happening in the first place.

These possibilities and leaks in outdoor irrigation is why it is important for all family members in the household to know where the master water shut-off valve is located. Were a pipe to burst, this could save hundreds or thousands of gallons of water and prevent damage.

 How you can conserve water at home

Most importantly, you can play a large part in your water usage and safety at home by conserving water daily. The more conscious you are of your water usage and care, the more prepared you’ll be should an emergency occur. You’ll also save more money and require less maintenance when you take care of the water coming in and out of your home. Here are just a few ways to conserve water:

kids brushing teeth

Turn the sink off when brushing your teeth: You can save up to 4 gallons a minute just by turning the sink off during your teeth-brushing routine.

Shorten your showers: Avoid taking long showers by setting a timer for yourself. If you can keep your shower to 5 minutes, you’ll be saving a lot of water. Switching to a water-efficient WaterSense showerhead is another way to save water in the shower.

Reuse bath or shower water in the garden: This is a more creative solution for those who have a garden or often water their plants. Reuse your water whenever possible!

Fix your leaks: When you have leaky pipes or water damage, you’re losing a lot of water into your home. By fixing these leaks and receiving regular maintenance, you’re saving water along the way!

Use your machines on a full load: Your dishwasher and washing machine can conserve water by only being used when they have a full load. Don’t run the washing machine with only a few items of clothing inside. You’ll be saving gallons of water by using this technique!

Why water is one of the most important parts of your home

You may take water for granted and not even know it. Imagine what would happen if your home had to go without water for an entire week. Taking care of your home appliances, water features, and water pipes will ensure that they will function properly, be free of leaks, and help to maximize your water savings. Using the conservation tips will save you money and water on a daily basis. Whether you have to deal with a small faucet leak or a large pipe burst, you’ll be better prepared by using a professional team to inspect and fix your problem. Water makes the world—and your home—go round!

Knowledge is power

The more you know, the more you can encourage others to conserve water and to be prepared for any leaks or breaks. Start today by scheduling a home inspection of your water lines and amenities. Stay updated on your home maintenance and be prepared for those unexpected leaks. Your home is your place to relax, entertain, and live. Make it a place worth staying.

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