December 20, 2017

Managing a scarce resource like water is serious business.  But come on, educating on how to use water wisely can and should be fun, especially if you want your message to resonate with kids. We’ve assembled a collection of some of the best online water conservation games.

Here are a few examples from the Water – Use It Wisely campaign, and other great programs around the world.  We invite you to play along and share these wonderful online games and activities freely.  And if you know of a fun, interactive way to learn about water, please send us a comment and link to this blog.


Online Water Conservation Games: Tip Tank “Tip Tank” Water Conservation Concentration Game Can you match the water-saving devices before the water runs out on our happy little gold fish?  Try to beat all three levels.  Highly recommended by Fast Company magazine.

Download Water Wisdom and you can test your knowledge of our 100+ tips and how much water they save. Next, try your hand at a water conservation word search. Finally, put your coloring skills to work on the Amazing Adventures of Hydron and the Water Squad.

Interactive, Online Coloring Book. Choose from five water-saving tips in this interactive, online coloring book from Save Our Water. Select PLAY to color with online markers. Or another option is to download the sheets to color later.

Project WET’s Water Festival One of the country’s premier water education organizations, Project WET launched its new interactive water festival.  It’s tremendous fun as kids learn about the water cycle and conservation.  It takes the program a bit to load, but while you wait you can try to catch water drops in a bucket.  Frustratingly fun!

Online Water Conservation Games: Flo - Test Your WaterSense

Test Your WaterSense Test your water knowledge with Flo, the water efficiency hero from EPA WaterSense. With your help, Flo will travel through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions. But make sure you avoid those water-wasting monsters.

The Water Family Game Now let’s go overseas to the United Kingdom, where you get to build your own family and learn how to save water around the home.  While this one might seem kind of a goofy, it is an informative game with simple and colorful clip-art-like animation.

Got a game? Send us an email and tell us about it.