See Desert Plants in Action at a Demo Garden

December 11, 2013

We live in a very special place where people enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round. The plants that thrive in this unique climate are the key that unlocks the door to outdoor living. Creating an ideal outdoor space enhances not only your life, but also the beauty of your community and, ultimately, the sustainability of our world.

With up to 70% of household water used for landscaping, embracing the palette of desert plants for our landscapes is vital to reducing water use. Enduring and sustainable landscapes of the future will depend on the uncommon beauty and tenacity of our remarkable desert plants. A wonderful place to see desert plants in action is at a Xeriscape demonstration garden, and there are many to choose from across the valley.

The City of Sc0ttsdale invites you to visit the Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park where you can see over 7,000 plants spanning 200 species. The 5.5-acre garden is located at 5401 N. Hayden Road and is nestled behind the dog park and baseball fields (parking is off Hayden, just south of McDonald, next to the dog park). Here you can find inspiration for your own landscape, see how different plants work in harmony to provide an interesting splash of color, see plants at their mature size and witness the diversity of plant life in the Sonoran Desert.

Visiting a demonstration garden is a perfect activity when company is visiting for the holidays. Not only does it get everyone outdoors, but they also offer a no-cost activity! We also suggest, visiting local gardens each season so you can see how different plants look depending on the time of year. Another tip is to take a pad of paper and a pencil or bring your camera so you can keep a record of the plants that interest you. For more information on great plants to use in your landscape, see Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert

Jennifer Davidson is a Water Conservation Specialist with the City of Scottsdale, AZ, one of fifteen Water – Use It Wisely partners to offer water-saving advice and programs