Five Favorite Blogs of 2022

January 6, 2023

Happy 2023! We’ve rounded up our very best blogs of 2022 to help you start the year with a water-saving splash.

#1 Xeriscape Gardens – Great Outdoor Escapes

five favorite blogs of 2022


Your local xeriscape garden not only serves as a helpful resource on water-wise landscaping but also offers a beautiful place to spend quality time in nature! We’ve pulled together a list of can’t-miss demonstration and botanical gardens local to the Valley of the Sun for you to explore. Grab and friend and plan your equally serene and educational outdoor adventure today.

#2 Simple Ways to Become More Water-Wise

five favorite blogs of 2022

Saving water is easy to do and starts with you. Keep the future of Arizona’s water top of mind by conserving water both indoors and outdoors with these useful resources, tips, tricks and techniques that are perfect for a mindful lifestyle.

#3 Cycle-and-Soak is Just One Idea for Smart Irrigation Month

Each year, July marks Smart Irrigation Month as a time to reflect on outdoor landscaping habits. To combat overwatering, the Cycle-and-Soak watering method provides a solution to water run-off caused by traditional sprinklers. Read all about efficient irrigation and discover if this helpful technique is right for you.

#4 Plant of the Month: Eight Plants Perfect for Your Pollinator Garden

five favorite blogs of 2022

Protect biodiversity by planning your garden with healthy ecosystems in mind. A great place to start is by adding a pollinator garden to your outdoor space. Learn more about how native plants protect biodiversity by providing food and shelter for our precious pollinators local to the Southwest.

#5 Mogollon Rim with Wayne Drop

Snow in the desert? Yes, indeed! Read about Wayne Drop’s trip to the Mogollon Rim, exploring the journey of water from snowflake to stream. You won’t believe how this favorite Arizona landmark plays a vital role in the water we utilize each day.

What a year, filled with helpful articles to show for it! If you can’t get enough of our favorite water-saving secrets, check out our runners-up below:

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