Surprise’s free landscape workshop: Smart controllers

Did you recently install a smart controller for your irrigation system? Are you considering purchasing a smart controller in the near future? This class is intended to teach you best-practices for utilizing the features of your smart controller in order to gain the water-saving benefits you deserve.

Surprise’s free landscape workshop: Plant selection

Whether you are new to desert landscaping, or just a plants nerd like us, you’ll find something to inspire you as you prepare for the planting season. This class will focus specifically on plant selection for desert-adapted plants. Pretty plants that won’t break my water bill? Yes, please!

Surprise’s free landscape workshop: Scentsational

You survived the summer, temperatures are starting to drop, and you’re itching to get back in the yard! As you prepare your planting schedule, we are here to help with a special focus in this workshop on aromatic plants.

Plant of the Month – Groundcover: Green Makes A Better Carpet Than Gravel

Some professional landscapers suggest homeowners design sections of their landscape as they would design each room in their home. This image helps homeowners give their yards dimension with layers of color and texture. Imagine vines as window coverings, group trees and shrubs as if they were furniture, and use groundcover… Read More

Bear Grass use in landscape

Surprise’s free landscape workshop: Drab to fab

We’re kicking off the planting season with this landscape makeover workshop. You will learn how to get the most out of your landscape renovation with step-by-step guidelines, tips on hiring landscape professionals, and a special focus on rainwater harvesting retrofits.

Desert Plants and Desert Native Bees — A Potent Pollination Pairing!

Desert plants are challenged by hot and arid growing conditions. Water-wise gardening addresses their water needs and defines the best growing locations. But how can we be more confident that the timely pollination needed to set seeds, fruits, or nuts is accomplished? The answer is desert native bees, master pollinators… Read More

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